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To clients, customers, and employees, the appearance of a firm is critical. People’s perceptions of a commercial business will be tainted if it appears to be unclean or poorly kept. Applying a fresh coat of paint when necessary is part of that continuous maintenance. What do you think a client or customer will think of your business if they notice chipped, flaking, or faded paint on your commercial building? If you can’t afford to have your business building painted on a regular basis, visitors to your business could think it’s not doing so well. As a commercial building customer service is really important. Your contempt for the look of your property reflects in your sluggish customer service. People might think you are cutting corners with cleaning services if you disregard the painted portions of the building. Or are you one of those “slum lords” who only care about the people who have to labour in such an environment for a profit. Even if these assumptions are utterly false, the impression is what matters. A fresh coat of paint can make a wonderful first impression. You may believe that painting your business yourself or hiring some novice throughout the summer will save you money. You may save money on the first fee you pay the painters, but the end result may be less than ideal in the long run. It may end up costing you more than hiring a professional business painter.

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Painting a commercial facility entails more than simply purchasing paint, brushes, and rollers and splashing paint on the walls. The difference between a bad paint job and a smooth, long-lasting surface can be determined by proper preparation. It’s critical to keep the furniture and people in the vicinity safe. Cleaning up thoroughly can also make a big difference.

Make sure you don’t hire just any business painting company. You must ensure that the contractor is credible, trustworthy, and has the necessary expertise to complete the project correctly.

Painter Altoona PA has great reviews and the customers are more than happy to give you references. Our company is bonded, insured, and licenced. We will give you a free estimate without any obligation. Before any work is done,we can get you a detailed written bid. We are known to be one of the best local, well-established painting companies and more invested in the neighbourhood. We aim to provide superior quality outcomes and customer service to our “neighbours.”

We are certified to work safely with lead-based paint and are a registered “Green” firm. It’s crucial to select the right colours and patterns and that is why our team helps to select the right color that goes with your brand image.

Before a paint project in a business can begin, there are several tasks that must be completed. You’ll have to decide whether you’ll keep your business open and operational during the painting process or if you’ll shut it down. If you keep your business open, staff and customers will need to be informed about the project, and accommodations may be necessary to avoid inconvenience. You’ll need to carefully schedule the project around the closure if you’ll be shutting down activities during the paint job. You can discuss all the details with our supervisor and plan out a schedule that works for you. We work on weekends and late hours as well.

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